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Tackle Cleaning Services

"Let us tackle the dirt"

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We are dependable.
Go ahead and schedule that party. Plan to have your relatives come for a visit. You can count on us to be there to clean your home as scheduled every time.

We are professional.
We carefully screen potential employees and check references. Then we select the qualified applicants who enjoy cleaning. We appreciate the trust you have in Tackle Cleaning Services by allowing us to work in your home.

We guarantee quality.
One or both of the owners are always on the job for that personal touch. You want to know that your house will be cleaned just they way you want it. And we will guarantee it - every time! At Tackle Cleaning Services the job is only finished when you are completely satisfied.

We are fully insured.

Of course, We are very careful with your belongings, but it is good to know you are protected against loss and/or breakage that may occur while we clean your home.

We bring all the cleaning products and equipment.
You can be confident that our cleaning procedures are in compliance with OSHA regulations and that our products will clean your home effectively and safely.

You will love your home when we have cleaned it.
The moment you walk in the door you will know that Tackle Cleaning Services have given the carpet the family blessing.

Other Services We Provide!

We are commercial and business specialists.

we wax and strip floor's, work with mica, ceramic, stainless steel, glass, wood and vinyl. We handle all contracts, for example: schools, institutions, retail, office and warehouse cleaning. We sanitize and deodorize to leave the place smelling fresh and clean.

We also provide instant relief for your automobile.
We clean seats, carpet and mats on cars, vans and SUVīs. When we work on your car we apply first-rate carpet fabric protection and pet odor control.

We clean drapery.

We take care of your precious drapery by cleaning them to look brand new.

Commercial Cleaning Services

See what Cleaning services we provide!

Residential Upholstery Cleaning

See what Tackle Cleaning Services can do for your carpets!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

See what Tackle Cleaning Services can do for your upholstery!

Thank you for considering us at Tackle Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services. We have Carpet Cleaning Specialist ready to serve you. So if you live in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, New York, OR Mercer, Ocean, Monmouth, or Middlesex Counties

Please call us at 1-800-CLEAN-NY or 1800-253-2669 to book a appointment now!!!