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Common Misconceptions:

Q: Will my carpet get dirtier faster after it is cleaned?

A: Not with the modern processes we use. We do not use a lot of heavy soaps and other harsh chemicals that is typically used in other methods of cleaning.

Q: will carpet protectors such as Dupont Teflon make my floor sticky?

A: With properly formulated treatments there is no sticky residue.

Q: How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

A: 1-4 hours. However it really depends on many factors: humidity, airflow in the home and how soiled the carpet was in the first place.

Q: Will all of the spots come out?

A: No, many spots such as ink, urine, bleach, physically alter the color of the carpet so now that spot is the color of the carpet. However in most cases we are able to make spot less noticeable t the human eye.

Q: Will cleaning alone get rid of urine odors?

A: If the urine has saturated the carpet and pad it can be removed by cleaning the fabric alone. We have several steps of removing urine and will be able to choose a plan of attack that is suited for your problem.

Q: How long can I wait to clean up a spot and still get it out?

A: Some immediately, others while they are still wet and some it doesn't matter. A good rule of thumb - just as soon as possible.

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